Kinext is focused on ensuring sales is just as predictable and repeatable as a modern manufacturing production line.

Why don't leaders expect more from Sales?

Henry Ford forever changed the auto industry by creating a highly efficient factory.
Kinext saw the same opportunity in sales. 

​Kinext started as an operational improvement company, helping companies solve some of their thorniest operational problems. We were engineering PhDs and proven problem solvers. We frequently encountered companies that had tried to solve recurring problems internally and failed. In other cases, they had hired a well-known consulting firm to solve their problems with limited improvement. Kinext brought cohesive approaches that helped companies uncover actionable solutions through collegial collaboration. Our efforts enable companies to identify straightforward solutions to their most difficult operational problems. 

This resulted in manufacturing clients increasing production levels and software/services companies that were able to handle a lot more clients with the same staff/resources. Often the company's current sales machine couldn't keep up with this increased operational efficiency. Consequently, some clients started asking Kinext for help with sales operations, which we refused as that was not our focus at the time. That answer worked for a while, until running across a particularly persistent CEO who would not take no for an answer. 

The CEO kept asking and pestering until we finally gave in and agreed to an initial engagement to improve their sales operations. Similar to our proven strengths to engineer optimal manufacturing processes, we were able to significantly improve their sales operations -  delivering impressive result in both new revenue and increased profitability. 

That experience gave us pause to realize that there is an obvious need in the market for transformational help in sales operations. We augmented our team to include some proven sales professionals and pivoted our engineering methodologies to sales operations. We determined that if we were going to do this, we had to be both serious in our approach and exceptional in our execution. 

We realized that there were a lot of consulting firms that helped put together sales strategy at a high level and other firms that helped with the execution of individual components in sales and marketing. There was no firm that offered a tailored, integrated solution for clients. That often meant that companies would receive a binder with an extensive plan or applicability in a limited area (e.g., lead generation, messaging or marketing), but ignored the interdependence of all of these areas. This is why so many sales initiatives fail to live up to expectations.

Kinext takes a fundamentally different approach.

We don't look to replace what's working. Rather, we build on what is already working and integrate our people and methodologies into areas of opportunity. We focus on uncovering the quickest path to closing significantly more business and setting the company up to accelerate sales results. 

We roll up our sleeves and work right alongside the company's team to make sure our recommendations work. This provides invaluable feedback on how to improve results further. Once signed engagements are coming out of the sales funnel at an increasing rate, we can enable the team at the company so they can take over the pieces we were executing. This ensures client teams don't view us as competition and it also enables us to engage with our next set of clients.