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Fortune Favors the Bold

We partner exclusively with Bold Visionary Leaders 
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Our Clients Aren't Normal


Our clients are not interested in being caged by the confines of the current reality. 


We partner with companies that clearly see a more ideal future to accelerate progress.  


Our clients are seeking ideas, frameworks, approaches and partners that help to pull that future into existence more quickly.

If You're Not


Then you’ve found exactly the right collection of quirky weird magicians to partner with...   


How do you get access to the levers and dials of Reality Progression™ that no one else sees?   


And do so in a way that predictably and consistently pulls your desired future into reality so quickly and powerfully -- that it seems like magic to everyone outside?  

Our Services


Next Reality Foundry  

How is it that companies sometimes pull off a “Strategic Judo Move” to seemingly magically arrive at the nexus of overwhelming customer demand and every other company looking for a way to partner with them? 

It’s what everybody hopes for, but you don’t have to rely on hope. 

Our battle-tested frameworks and methodologies combine to consistently and predictably access the levers that bring the party to you. 


Clients have used this to: 

  • Create and drive their next $1B business in an adjacent market 

  • Bring together unlikely partners to solve an industry wide problem 

  • Reinvent a revenue stream when the existing approach is falling out of favor 

Hidden Gem Cows

We all know that 60-80% of strategic growth initiatives either attempts to organically grow adjacent businesses or to acquire complimentary businesses, end in failure.   

There is a better way. 


Here’s the thing, we are “gemologists” - experts in quickly uncovering and shining a light on the overlooked brilliance within your organization, hidden right under your noses, that you haven’t noticed or valued.  


Our clients are delighted because they uncover paths that are significantly less expensive, have a significantly higher probability of success and remove a majority of the most common risks: uncovering something that they were already doing and are great at, but hadn’t optimally monetized (or maybe hadn’t monetized at all).  



Probiotic Hippos

Remember that game “Hungry Hungry Hippos?” Everyone is frantically slapping their levers to get the marbles (acquisitions). It reminds us of the current M&A market.  

Companies see huge potential in the combined power created from acquisitions and mergers, but sadly all the wonderful starry-eyed predictions used to sell the M&A deal rarely become the lived reality. 


The results are often much like the game: the marbles don’t make the hippos stronger or better…they just get collected. 


What if you could deliver even more than the promised potential and do it in a way that is easier and faster than the current approach? 


It’s not that we’re smarter, just that some of our magicians have figured out the secrets and the tricks of integration in a way that drives unexpectedly powerful outcomes. 


The true potential in an acquisition isn’t simply about growth, it’s about creating the conditions that make transformation inevitable. 

Legions of Rabid Rabbits

Once they've arrived at a strategy, most organizations struggle with how to make that a reality in the shortest possible time.

We've uncovered an approach and frameworks that rapidly moves strategy into action. Clients are repeatedly surprised by how quickly something went from a struggle to find traction and flipped to the leadership team desperately trying to keep up with supporting the pace that the rest of the organization is moving to bring the strategy to life. 



Achieve 42

If you’re talking about retention you’ve already failed. 


The rules of engagement have changed. The winners are going to be the companies who have figured out how to: 

  • Be a breeding ground for and an irresistible attractor of RockStar Talent  

  • Create an environment and container that creates a Magical Culture making the company a place where everyone wants to pour their heart and soul into 

  • Live into a Transcendent Strategy that inspires and aligns toward greatness 


The problem is that organizations are attempting to solve for these independently and not solving for the fundamentals.  


Our magic is in uncovering how they are interacting as a system in your unique environment and what levers are going to move you forward fastest and farthest towards your desired outcomes. Clients are often surprised that it was something in a seemingly unrelated area that moved all three of these forward to great outcomes. 

Our Services
Arthur C. Clarke

"“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

About Us

Breathing magic back into business. 


We’re Kinext—a wacky, fun and creative collection of weird magicians who have consistently driven magical outcomes in a way that enables our clients to reach results well beyond even the outer limits of their imagination. 


Clients are surprised that they are achieving unbelievable outcomes through a process that is fun, exciting and draws everyone to want to be part of it.  


Lets work together on your wicked-est, thorny-est, challenging-est problems . . .  


and make magic together. 

About Us 


Weird Magicians Wanted  


Weird: Don’t do things the same way everyone else is doing it 

Magician: Consistently and predictably achieve results that others thought was impossible; Outcomes disproportionately powerful for the resources expended 


You’ve been successful at creating magic in a large corporate environment, but know you can have a greater impact on the world by helping other companies see what you see 


You’re an entrepreneur who has created magic and wants to collaborate with a fun and exciting team of magicians to do even more impressive magic 


You want to have a greater impact on the world 

If that describes you, send us an email to see how you might fit in with the team ( 

Feel free to reach out

To schedule a time to speak with the Kinext team, please fill in your contact details

We look forward to meeting you!

Tel: 267-930-1955

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