Sales Operations


Sell More.

Sell Faster.

Sell Remotely.

We approach sales like Henry Ford approached manufacturing. We broke down sales into all of its components. We partnered with people who have consistently driven results in each component of sales and marketing to understand the nuances and interdependencies that drive sales results. 


We then used all of those insights to build sales operations back up again in a more effective and productive combination, producing an optimum method for the real world. 

Kinext has a battle-tested, proven and powerful model that will help your salespeople initiate and close complex sales remotely

...and accelerate results when in person.

Sell More

Our clients experience an average of  >50% increase in net new sales. 

Our clients generate new business that is on average 2.1x more profitable than existing business. More clients are nice, but more profitable clients are even nicer.

Sell Faster

Shorten the time between first contact and signed contract.

Clients see a >35% reduction in sales cycle for complex, technical and/or expensive sales. Cash hits their bottom line more quickly and more predictably.

Sell C-Suite

Develop a repeatable and predictable supply of meetings with senior
decision makers.


Kinext uncovers the messaging and materials needed to capture and keep the attention of senior executives.

Sell Remotely

Kinext has a battle-tested, proven and powerful model that will help your salespeople transition to this virtual playground without missing a beat.

We've consistently helped salespeople become even more effective at closing business from home than they ever were in-person. 


Creating Sales

PE portfolio company

A PE-backed company was finding it challenging to win new business and was struggling with growth as a result. Kinext adjusted the target market, reframed the messaging, created direct outreach, set meetings with C-level executives and honed the sales process - following through to closing. In only 6 months this partnership resulted in 24 new engagements worth  more than $1 billion in new spend.

Accelerating Sales

The CEO of a manufacturer with $15 million in revenue was looking to expand sales. Partnering with Kinext helped them land >$4 million in new business in under 5 months. The new contracts were >8.5x more profitable than existing business. Just as importantly, their sales cycle compressed from an average of 10 months to under 2 weeks.

Established business

Industry Agnostic

A proven method across sectors

Kinext has been successful across a wide variety of industries: healthcare, energy, financial services, SaaS businesses, technology-enabled services, manufacturing and others. We excel at clarifying complex, technical and/or expensive B2B sales. Reach out to learn about an example from your industry.